Wild Boar
All other breeds of swine are derived from this prehistoric pig. Referred to as "Wild Boar" it is in fact a cage-free, straw-bedded & pastured - ranch raised animal, not "pigs gone wild" as hunted in the South.

The Wild Boar is an extremely hardy animal that is capable of growth even during the hardest winter. Unlike the domestic pig, Wild Boar are not prone to illness or disease.

Wild Boar meat is not gamey tasting; the meat is darker in color with a distinct, more flavorful taste than domestic pork. Nutritionally speaking, Wild Boar is leaner, higher in protein with less fat and calories than it’s domestic counterpart.

Wild Boar Nutrition

Food and cooking personality, David Rosengarten (author of The Rosengarten Report) referred to our Wild Boar roasts as: "Simply the sexiest, most exciting hunk of fresh wild boar I’ve ever tasted..."

Substituting Wild Boar in any of your favorite pork recipes will cut calories and enhance the flavor of the dish. Please visit our Wild Boar Recipes page for recipe suggestions.